What It Means to Be a Community Pharmacy

A community pharmacy should be a staple of its town or neighborhood, upholding what it actually means to be a trusted medical advisor and a supportive local business. It is about always being there for the community.

Excellent customer service

Unlike some “big-box” chain stores, community pharmacies have the customer in the forefront of their services. At a local store, you can bet that you will get a friendly “hello” when you walk in the store.

Customers receive special attention and personalized care when it comes to their health and wellbeing. It is a place where everyone knows your name, your medicines, and your medical history, which can truly encourage and benefit you in your healthcare journey.

Community pharmacists help fight local diseases

A local pharmacist can drastically improve the community’s overall health. Local pharmacies dispense about 40% of overall retail prescriptions. This accessibility to medicine can increase health and provide education to a community, making community pharmacies natural resources to solutions for healthcare challenges.

Half of all adults in the United States experience one or more chronic conditions. 1 in 4 adults have two or more conditions, like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and heart disease. Sometimes these diseases are more preventable and treatable than you realize. Having a local healthcare partner can help you become educated, and provide you with health monitoring of your illness.

There are many benefits of regularly visiting one community pharmacist. The pharmacist will get to know your medications and your health history. They might also be more willing to help you navigate your insurance plan, let you set up charge accounts, and let you order special medications. Moreover, a local pharmacist may deliver medications to you, and you have access to other specialty services like glucose screenings.

Did you know that it is actually dangerous to get your medications filled at multiple pharmacies? Having a dedicated local pharmacist can severely cut down on medication errors that can cause dangerous interactions in of your body. Switching to one independent pharmacy can save your life.

Community pharmacies help the local economy

Pharmacies are more than health improvers. They are also local economy improvers that keep patients and the economy healthy and strong. Overall, pharmacies employ 315,000 people, including about 63,000 actual pharmacists. By supporting local businesses, you support local communities simultaneously.

In addition to having more community employment, local pharmacies keep you and your family healthy allowing you to miss fewer days of work, take care of your family, and continue to contribute to the local economy.

Local pharmacies provide accessible convenient items

Whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban area, an independent pharmacy is convenient and accessible. Our pharmacy provides medical and household items conveniently like baby clothes, cookware, home decor, tissues, toilet paper hand soap, generic medications, and cleaning products.

Having a local pharmacy means having various essential items when you need them.

Smith-Caldwell is more than a community pharmacy

Many community pharmacies like Smith-Caldwell are compounding pharmacies that can provide personalized prescriptions to customers. Unfortunately, not all medical services provide personalized help. Each person has different ailments, different allergies, different preferences, and different hindrances. Medicine should account for those differences and be personalized to the individual.

Compounding pharmacists understand this and offer their services accordingly. In fact, many of them customize their services to fit the needs of local customers. A significant advantage of using a local pharmacies, the pharmacist can go into the lab, create custom medical solutions, and work directly with doctors and care providers to ensure patients get the best and most personalized care.

There are many benefits of having a local compounding pharmacist. Some patients are allergic to certain fillers in medicines, and compound pharmacist can remove those fillers. Also, manufacturers sometimes discontinue production on medicines, but a pharmacist may be able to create that discontinued medicine with the active ingredient. Lastly, compounding pharmacists can provide a different strength of medication not available from manufacturers.

For more information

Smith-Caldwell has supported its community for over 100 years and we would love to support you and your family. We take pride in our reputation and offered services, and we appreciate all of our customers who have gotten us to this point over the years.

If you are searching for an independent pharmacy that truly cares for your family, then you have come to the right place. For more information, contact Smith-Caldwell at 501-392-5470.

We are open seven days a week, and we have drive-through “drop-off” and “pick-up” windows for your convenience. Stop by today!