What Does it Mean to Be a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy can provide services not found in traditional pharmacies. They serve patients who may need alternative dosage forms or have allergy issues.

You will find a compounding pharmacy can offer many services to you that a traditional pharmacy does not. These services can include new dosage forms for medications, flavoring of medication for children, or being able to combine some medications into one formulation when needed. Take a look below to get a better understanding of what it means to compound medications, the benefits of using a compounding pharmacy, and some of the services offered by Smith Caldwell Drug Store.

What Does Compounding Drugs Mean?

To compound a drug means to mix or combine ingredients in a way that is customized for an individual patient. For example, perhaps you have difficulty swallowing tablets and the medication you need is available only in a tablet form from the manufacturer. A compounding pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor can make a different dosage formulation, like a cream, liquid, nasal sprays, or gels. This allows you to take the medication you need, but in a different dosage form that fits your needs better.

Medications that are compounded may need to be compounded in a sterile environment. Most traditional pharmacies do not have the equipment or technology to accomplish this. Compounding pharmacies, like Smith Caldwell Drug Store, have invested in clean rooms, sterile hoods, and other technology to meet the USP 797 and USP 800 FDA requirements. These sterile rooms allow our pharmacist to provide special prescription medications when needed. All compounding pharmacies are regulated by the state board of pharmacy and need to meet the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention.

Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy

The main benefit of pharmacy that does compounding is being able to get a customized medication that will fit your unique needs. Some patients may also have allergies to certain fillers, or inactive ingredients, that are present in manufactured drugs. A compounding pharmacy, like Smith Caldwell Drug Store, can compound the drug needed without the fillers that you are allergic to.

Sometimes, medications may be discontinued by a drug manufacturer. When this happens, you still may be able to get the medication compounded for you with the active ingredient found in the discontinued drug.

Lastly, compounding pharmacies can provide a different dosage strength of manufactured drugs that are not available. When current strengths of medications are not beneficial to you, contacting Smith Caldwell Drug Store to compound the medication in the strength you need should be your next step.

Compounding Services Offered at Smith Caldwell Drug Store

Smith Caldwell Drug Store is able to offer customized medication in its state-of-the-art sterile compounding laboratory. Some of the services offered to you include:

  • Alternative dosage forms like medicated lozenges, topical and oral sprays, ophthalmic preparations, sugar-free preparations, and modified release capsules
  • Pediatric dosages not available commercially
  • Geriatric dosages
  • Compounded medications that contain no fillers
  • Veterinary medications
  • Unavailable medications
  • Female hormone preparations
  • Testosterone preparations

When you have a specialized prescription need that traditional pharmacies cannot meet, contact Smith Caldwell Drug Store by email or by calling us at 501-392-5470.