Tips for Managing Diabetes While On Vacation

Whether you’ve been dealing with diabetes your whole life or were just recently diagnosed, managing this condition is always a challenge. But it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying yourself.

With the proper precautions and the aid of skilled medical and pharmacy professionals, you can continue all of your favorite activities without issue. Even something as elaborate as taking a distant vacation won’t be a problem so long as you use the following tips.

Visit the Doctor

Before any major trip, visit the doctor and make sure you have a clean bill of health. Your doctor can perform an A1C test and other examinations to determine whether you’re managing your diabetes well and detect any complications from the disease that may have arisen. If there is a problem, the physician can determine whether you are still able to travel, and if so, what special precautions you need to take.

Stock Up on Supplies

Even if you’ll have access to a pharmacy where you’re going, you should still bring more than enough insulin, diabetes pills, syringes, and other supplies to get through the entire trip. This way, your health won’t be at risk if the local pharmacy is closed, you can’t find the same generic medications, or you are otherwise unable to get your supplies there. You should also get a new prescription from your doctor for any diabetes medications you take, as well as a letter explaining what specifically you need those drugs for. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll run into problems buying supplies at local pharmacies.

Prepare for Security

Airport security often causes problems for people who use diabetes pumps, syringes, or large bottles of insulin and other medications. This means that if you’re flying, you need to take precautions ahead of time to make sure you have no trouble boarding the plane. Get your doctor to write a letter for the TSA explaining what your medical devices and medications are and why you need them. Make sure all medications are stored in pharmacy-labeled bottles. This removes suspicion that you may be carrying illicit or dangerous substances in them. Finally, if you use an insulin pump, contact the airport ahead of time. They may be willing to let you go through security without disconnecting the pump.

Plan for the Flight

If you’re flying across multiple time zones, it’s important to adjust your schedule for taking insulin or other diabetes drugs. You should also make sure the flight provides foods that are low in carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol; the airline should be willing to accommodate you if you ask ahead of time. Finally, ask if the plane has the necessary medical equipment on board to treat you in the event of an emergency.

For more information on how to manage diabetes and other questions to ask a pharmacist, contact the Smith-Caldwell Drug Store today by calling (501) 392-5470. Talk to our pharmacist about keeping your medication, insulin and testing supplies cool. We also offer portable Med coolers. We will help you prepare for your trip, to ensure you make the most out of your vacation!