Smith Caldwell is Your Neighborhood All-In-One Pharmacy

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Smith Caldwell is proud to be your all-in-one neighborhood pharmacy! Check out all we have to offer to exceed your pharmacy needs, plus save time with our one-stop shopping experience in one convenient location.

Independent pharmacy

As an independent pharmacy, we take customer service to a level that large retailers are unable to provide. We take the time to get to know you so we can provide exceptional service tailored to your needs. Additionally, we take the overall health of our community very seriously, which is why we train our team to counsel and support our patients in order to help them live healthy lifestyles. 

Using Smith Caldwell as your all-in-one pharmacy allows our pharmacists to access your complete prescription history to make an assessment of risks, help manage chronic conditions, and show support and counsel through any needs that may arise. Some of the services we provide to support your healthy lifestyle include:

Blood pressure screenings

Blood pressure screenings

Chronic condition management

Chronic condition management


Vaccinations against the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and other preventable diseases

Customers’ favorite services

As a business that has been serving the community since the early 1900s, we have taken the time to get feedback from our beloved customers in order to offer the best services that they love. The following are just a few of the favorites you can expect when visiting Smith Caldwell:

  • Free delivery service
  • Drive-thru prescription pickup and dropoff
  • In-house charge account options
  • One-on-one assistance with insurance issues
  • In-store boutique
  • Bridal and baby gift registries
  • Coffee shop

Compounding pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy can meet the specific needs of patients that a retail pharmacy simply cannot. One of the primary benefits of having access to a compounding pharmacy is the customization of your medications to best suit your needs. Your pharmacist can adjust the dosages of your prescriptions, as well as the forms they take (such as changing from a tablet or capsule to a liquid or spray). 

Fillers, dyes, and stabilizing agents come standard in mass-produced medications, but they are not always necessary. If you have allergies to one of these inactive ingredients in a medication, your compounding pharmaceutical team can offer an alternative form of the medication that does not include the triggering ingredients. Access to scarce medications can also be easier with a compounding pharmacy, since the pharmacist can adjust the medications by strengths and dosages to suit your needs. 

Excellent doctor relationships

One crucial relationship for an ideal medical experience is that between your pharmacist and your doctor. Open lines of communication are a necessity in order to provide you, the patient, with the best experience possible. Quality of care, out-of-pocket medication expenses, and a decreased risk of error are all benefits of a neighborhood pharmacy with great doctor relationships. As your local pharmacist, it is one of our greatest responsibilities to maintain these personalized relationships with your local medical providers. 

Superb patient relationships

The relationship that develops between the patient and local pharmacy can also provide excellent benefits to our customers. Your pharmacist is an advocate for your health and a support system to help you make the best decisions for it. They will get to know you, your medical history, and your current medications, as well as your allergies, ailments, and preferences. This in-depth knowledge can ensure the best experience for you and your whole family, where harmful food and medicinal interactions are avoided, and time and money are saved.

Free delivery service

Our fast-paced world sometimes means delivery options are the only way to get things done. This is why our patients love our free delivery service, where your prescriptions are brought right to your door. Whether you are a busy parent running around between your children’s activities, or an older adult who has challenges getting out and about every day, the convenience of free delivery can help. 

The time-saving process is simple: fill out our online form, or use our automated call service to request your prescriptions. Refills will already be in our system, and if your doctor submits an electronic prescription (see below), you can call us to let us know where you want it delivered.

Electronic prescription services

As your neighborhood pharmacy, we provide an added value to our patients through electronic prescription services, where your doctor can electronically submit your prescriptions directly to us. The benefits of this service include reduced waiting time for patients (since your prescription goes right to the pharmacy), lower risk of prescription errors (since deciphering a handwritten prescription is eliminated), and reduced risk of drug interactions or adverse reactions (since your pharmacist and healthcare provider can see all past and current prescriptions, allergies, and sensitivities and take steps to prevent harmful resulting complications). 

In-store items available on the go

What makes Smith Caldwell unique and special to the community as your local pharmacy is that we are also a boutique and coffee shop, filled with speciality items that you simply won’t find anywhere else in town. From baby items to bridal must-haves, to original decor, fragrances, and jewelry, our gift area is sure to have the perfect item for you or your loved one. 

Visit your all-in-one pharmacy today!

Whether you are searching for “prescription delivery services near me,” or are ready to find out Smith Caldwell’s pharmacy hours, we invite you to stop in and see us. Ask a pharmacist any questions you may have about fulfilling your prescriptions with us, browse our boutique, plan a gift registry, or grab a coffee. Smith Caldwell has everything you need! 

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Come see us at our convenient Benton, AR, location, contact us online, or give us a call today at 501-404-2740. At Smith Caldwell, we’re here for you!