Must Haves for Your Baby Registry in 2020

Your bundle of joy is on the way, and you want to feel completely prepared. It is common to hear mothers comment later that they wish they had remembered some items, while other items remained unused collecting dust in the closet.

Use this must-haves list for your baby registry to be as prepared as possible for your baby’s arrival, so you can focus on bonding with your newest family member.

1. Infant car seat

That feeling of getting to take your baby home for the first time is filled with joy, but it can also include some nerves about keeping them safe on their first car ride. A great infant car seat can help relieve this. There are many different options when it comes to car seats, so the best thing to do is start researching in advance.

2. Diapers and accessories

Diapers, wipes, and diaper rash ointments will all be needed when your little one makes their arrival. Some babies may be more sensitive to different brands, so you may want to start with smaller quantities, in the beginning, to ensure no sensitivities occur. That is one reason to be prepared and have diaper cream on hand too.

Baby wipes are a staple in any household with babies or small children. You may use them for wiping down surfaces, cleaning off little hands, or wiping spills off your clothing, in addition to the obvious use during diaper changes.

3. Somewhere for them to sleep

There are many different options when it comes to where your new little one will sleep. You are probably aware of the safety concerns associated with sleeping infants, and many parents take different approaches. A crib is a practical place for the child to sleep for their first 2-3 years. However, some newborns do better in a smaller space before transitioning to a crib. Some examples of these include bassinets, rock-n-plays, and pack-n-plays with infant add-ins. 

In addition to the infant feeling more comfortable in a smaller space for their new environment that is not in mommy’s belly, you may be grateful for having easier access to comfort the baby throughout the night. For example, a bassinet can be placed by your bedside at arm’s reach, which can save precious moments of much needed sleep. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby sleep in the same room as the parents for the first year. Co-sleeping is also strongly discouraged in the first year, since it can be dangerous and increase the risk of SIDS.

4. Monitor

A great monitor is one of the best tools to have with a newborn. Even if the baby is sleeping in your room for the first few months, you can setup the monitor to keep in your pocket while the baby naps. This can be key to getting other things done during nap time.

5. Bibs and burp cloths

Since infants can be as messy as they are cute, bibs and burp cloths are other great addition to your baby registry. It is inevitable that a baby will spit up at some point. Keeping a burp cloth or two handy at all times will be helpful. Even though it may seem like a long time before your newborn can begin sampling foods, that 5 or 6 month mark will get here quicker than you would imagine. Stocking up on bibs in advance will allow you to prepare for those exciting first bites!

6. Clothing

Arguably one of the most fun parts of the preparation process is picking out all the adorable clothes that your baby will wear. Since people love to buy cute and tiny clothes, various clothing options can be some of the best baby registry items. Due to the frequency of diaper changes, you will want to place a priority on convenience. Onesies with snaps at the bottom can be a major time saver. 

You will also want lots of items to keep the little one warm, including socks and mittens. Depending on how cold the weather is at the time your baby arrives, you may need to plan for extra warm options. This is particularly important in the first few months when the newborn is relying on you to regulate their body temperature. 

Safety is another consideration when it comes to infant clothing. Reviewing recommendations can be helpful prior to your shopping spree. For example, since blankets, plush toys, and pillows are strongly discouraged during sleep, you will want to find warm enough pajamas to keep your baby comfortable throughout the night.

7. Swaddles

Since being cozily wrapped up in a blanket reminds babies of their time in the womb, most babies will rely on being swaddled to adapt to their new environment in the first few weeks.

Having several great quality swaddle blankets that you are comfortable with can be a huge help. You can get a head start to knowing what works best for you if you can practice on a baby doll ahead of time. Practice with a couple different types of materials to see which flows the best for you. Some are stretchier or softer, and some even have velcro to make the process easier. 

8. Tummy time support items

Tummy time is a key part of your baby’s development. However, it is teaching a baby something new, and not all babies are a fan of it. Finding ways to keep your little one engaged and having fun during tummy time can make a big difference. If you can help them enjoy it as much as possible by providing tummy time mats or toys, you are more likely to have a positive experience that is helping in development. 

Start your Registry

Creating a registry is a great way to prepare for your little one. For more information, contact Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at 501-392-5470. We would love to provide you a personalized experience, and help you feel confident as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy.