Learn More About Our Free Delivery Service

Free delivery is offered at Smith-Caldwell. Find out how it works and the benefits of this free service.

Whether you are a mom running around to kids’ activities or an older adult who finds it difficult to get out, free home delivery can help you get your prescriptions quickly and conveniently. Nowadays, it is a huge help when things can be delivered to your home. It saves you time, and money, when you have one less task on your to-do list. Learn how easy it is to use our free delivery service for new, refill, and compounded prescriptions.

How Does Prescription Delivery Work?

You can use our free delivery service for both new and refill prescriptions. This convenient service is a time-saving option for our faithful customers.

For refill prescriptions, just follow these three easy steps:


  1. Visit our website to access the online refill request form
  2. Enter the following information: Your name, email address (optional), telephone number, 7 digit refill number, and your preference for delivery
  3. Submit the form

In addition to using the web form for refills, you can call us at 501-315-7700 to request your refill over the phone. Press option 1, enter the 7 digit prescription number, and choose either the pickup or delivery option is available 24/7.

The free delivery service can also be used for new prescriptions. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:


  1. Drop off your new prescription at our community pharmacy and let us know you want it delivered, or
  2. Have your doctor submit your prescription electronically  and call us at 501-315-7700 to let us know where to deliver

If your prescription is submitted electronically, you will need to call us at 501-392-5470 to set up delivery.

Benefits of Prescription Delivery

The benefits of prescription delivery include more than just saving time. Since this is a free service, it can save you money by not having to run out to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. But, perhaps the biggest potential benefit is to your health. This is due to a concept known as “medication adherence.”

Medication adherence is when you take your medication as prescribed by your healthcare provider. This is most important for maintenance medications used to treat chronic disease states such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. You are considered adherent to your medication when you take your medication as prescribed at least 80% of the time.

However, when adherence falls below 80%, your health, and wallet, can suffer for it. It is estimated that medication non-adherence costs healthcare somewhere between $100 to $300 billion every year, and is responsible for about 125,000 deaths per year in the United States. One study found that non-adherent diabetic patients spent $4,092 to $7,612 more than patients who took their medications as prescribed. Patients are also more likely to be hospitalized when adherence rates drop below 80%.

Our prescription delivery service can help you adhere to your prescription drug therapy. It has been reported that patients who have prescriptions delivered to their homes are about 19% more likely to take their medications on time. One reason for this can simply be the fact that the medication is there when you need it. This is just one more reason why you should use one pharmacy, like Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, for all your local pharmacy needs.

Benefits for Older Adults

Older adults are staying in their homes longer as they age. 65% of elder care is provided by family and friends. If you are an older adult, there may be days when it is difficult to get somewhere, especially if you rely on family or friends. If you have older parents that insist on living alone, you may worry about them being out and about, especially if their health problems are beginning to get more complicated.

Home delivery of prescription medications can help in both of these situations. It allows older adults who cannot move around as safely and readily as before to get their medications on time. It gives peace of mind to the children of these older adults, since their parents can better take care of their health with their prescriptions without having to leave their home.

Other Specialty Services Offered

Free home delivery is just one of the many benefits of a compounding pharmacy. Other services offered include…

  • Blood pressure screening: Come use our computerized blood pressure and pulse machine in the store! For most adults, your blood pressure should be below 120/80
  • Vaccinations: Protect yourself against the flu, shingles, and pneumonia
  • Compounding pharmacy: We are able to offer alternatives for patients who need customized medications

To try our home delivery service, or any of the other great services we provide, contact Smith-Caldwell at 501-392-5470 to set up home delivery for all your prescription needs.