Key Items Expecting Parents Should Have on Their Baby Registry at Smith Caldwell

Setting up a baby registry gives you a chance to ask for items that you will need, as well as items that you want. Find out which items you should include on your registry when shopping at Smith Caldwell.

Creating a gift registry when you are expecting can be a bit of a challenge if you are not sure what to include— or feel overwhelmed with options! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite must-have baby items to help you prepare for your little one’s arrival. These are some of the top picks that we’ve seen expecting parents putting on their registries at our local pharmacy in Arkansas.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

At Smith Caldwell Drug Store we carry a variety of bibs and burp cloths. Although these items are practical and necessary, they can also be fun accessories. We have bibs and burp cloths available in adorable, eye-catching designs such as sheep, teddy bears, floral prints, and colorful toucans. 

Diaper Care

You’ll need to set up a place to change your baby’s diaper at home, and have a cute diaper bag packed and ready for outings. Chafiderm, diaper bags, wipes, diapers and changing pads are all common items that you can add to your baby registry, so that you’re ready to handle lots of diaper changes and soothe any diaper rash or irritated skin. 


Once your baby starts getting his or her first tiny tooth, you’ll want to have toys that are safe to chew to soothe their sore gums. Our local pharmacy in Benton carries several teethers in various designs that babies love. From pineapples and watermelons to doughnuts and cupcakes, teethers are among the most common items that expecting parents place on their registries. We also have teething necklaces and other types of teething items available.

Pacifier Clips

It is all too easy to lose pacifiers when they fall out of your baby’s mouth. Pacifier clips offer a convenient way to keep your baby’s pacifier off the ground (and germs out of your baby’s mouth!). We have several of these clips available in different colors and designs, including mermaids and elephants.

FridaBaby Products

DermaFrida, NoseFrida, BreatheFrida and other baby products from FridaBaby have been appearing on several of our registries. These wellness and grooming items, including skin care products and nasal saline kits, are known for their quality, making them top baby registry items

Mud Pie Clothing and Blankets

We are proud to carry the adorable Mud Pie line of baby clothes and blankets. We have a wide selection of quality clothing for infants and toddlers including onesies, pajamas, tops, socks, and gowns. We also have plush blankets that are perfect for bundling up your baby. We love to see expecting parents adding sweet Mud Pie items to their gift registries

Baby Thermometers

Knowing when your child is sick can be a difficult challenge especially when the worry of parenthood kicks in. Baby thermometers provide an effective and easy way to know if your child is running a fever and you can even pick the type you want from forehead thermometers to ear thermometers. By having a thermometer made for your new child, it can provide peace of mind for you and the health of your baby.


At Smith Caldwell Drug Store we want to make shopping a rewarding experience for you. Whether you are stocking up on items before your baby is born or purchasing baby items after your bundle of joy arrives, keep in mind that we now offer a frequent shopping baby card. Contact us to get more details on the benefits of signing up for one of these cards.

If you are ready to get started on your baby registry, housewarming registry, graduation registry, or any other occasion, please contact our community pharmacy at (501) 315-7700. Our associates are here to help and answer any questions you may have.