Everything You Need to Know About Chafiderm ™

Chafiderm is an effective rash ointment for babies and adults.

Chafiderm is our in-house trademarked rash ointment that offers relief from chafing for both infants and adults.

Chafing from diaper rash and other skin conditions can cause itching, irritation, and restlessness. To provide safe and effective relief, Smith-Caldwell Drug Store in Benton, Arkansas sells a specially formulated baby rash ointment. This product, which can also be used as a rash ointment for adults, was developed by pharmacists using a secret formula that has years of proven results for over 20 years.

What Is Chafiderm?

Chafiderm is a rash ointment that offers relief from chafing at any age. While it is considered a diaper rash ointment for infants, it can also be used for rashes and chafing that occur in older children and adults. The creamy consistency is light and soothing, so it goes on easily and provides quick relief from skin irritations.

The product has been an officially registered trademark for over 10 years, and it is only made for Smith-Caldwell Drug Store. You can purchase this ointment at our pharmacy in Benton, Arkansas, or have it shipped to anywhere in the country.

How Does It Work?

Chafiderm works by reducing skin irritation caused by rashes and skin irritants. This medicated product helps ease and prevent skin irritation and redness associated with diaper rash. Chafiderm promotes healing and acts as a barrier against further friction, urine, and waste irritation for children who are wearing diapers.

Chafiderm is a multi-purpose skin care product that serves as a practical and effective treatment for many common skin irritations:


  • Windburn Aid: When Chafiderm is applied before exposure, it can prevent windburn as well as provide soothing relief after exposure to windburn conditions.
  • Chafing Remedy: Chafiderm can be used in preventative care for any areas of your body where there is skin rubbing against skin or clothing. It can also be used to alleviate the pain and irritation of chaffed skin conditions, including thigh rub, garment rub, and skin fold friction.
  • Barrier Protection: A soothing, calming barrier for your skin, Chafiderm can be applied to your skin to aid in healing as well as protecting your sensitive skin from irritants.

When Should You Use It?

You should use Chafiderm when you or your infant experience chafing and skin irritation caused by a rash. You can use this product on diaper rash and other common types of rashes, such as heat rash. However, talk to your doctor or our pharmacists first to make sure you can use this product safely. Some rashes might require another type of medicated ointment. Babies can experience other more serious rashes that are caused by underlying medical conditions that will require specified treatments from your doctor.

If you have a fever or any other symptoms aside from a skin rash, please see your doctor before using Chafiderm. If you notice signs of infection with a rash, such as pain, discharge, or excessive redness, please seek medical care as soon as possible.

When you or your child are experiencing chafing or a rash, we encourage you to stop by our store in Benton, Arkansas, to talk to our knowledgeable Pharmacists about Chafiderm. Keep in mind that you can add this product to our store’s baby registry as well. If you need any other medications or topical products, please talk to us about our compounding pharmacy services. A compounding pharmacy can help create specially formulated medications and drugs that meet your medical needs or personal preferences.

Ask our pharmacist about other ways we can help with your baby or child, in conjunction with your doctor, to create alternate prescription forms of drops, pills, powders, liquids, and ointments. We are here to help you!

If you would like to learn more about this rash ointment for adults and babies made for Smith-Caldwell Drug Store in Benton, Arkansas, contact us at 501-392-5470.