Baby Rash Ointment for Sensitive Skin

Few events are as precious as welcoming a new addition to the family. Those first few months and even years will be filled with plenty of exciting milestones. Parents watch in awe as their little one learns how to roll over on their own, crawl, and eventually walk. First words are closely followed by those precious first teeth. Before you know it your baby will be outgrowing onesies and sporting miniature versions of adult duds.

Each of these benchmarks is met with joy and wonder as they signal your child’s continued growth. Unfortunately, the fun-filled moments will be matched by less exciting and, in some cases, downright painful or annoying occurrences. Such is the case with the inevitable first appearance of a baby rash.

For generations, baby rash has been the cause of many sleepless nights, interrupted playdates, and cranky, irritation-fueled tantrums. The condition is often exasperated when a child with delicate skin has a particular knack for coming down with those prickly bumps, or is otherwise intolerant to traditional lotions and powders.

As your local Arkansas pharmacy, we realize that there is no end-all solution for everyone within our diverse clientele. With that in mind,  we have compiled a helpful list of suggestions and strategies when it comes time to use baby rash ointment to soothe your little one’s sensitive skin. Since 1996, we at Smith Caldwell have worked with local pharmacists to develop over-the-counter solutions for patients of all ages, including our trademarked formula, Chafiderm. We want to pass on our decades of experience to help you choose the best baby rash ointment for your child.

What is Baby Rash

Before we dive into treatment, it is important for new parents to understand the mechanisms at play behind a bout of baby rash. Per the medical experts at the Mayo Clinic, baby or diaper rash is a common skin condition often appearing as patchy, red skin along your baby’s thighs, buttocks, and genitals.

While baby rash causes major irritation in children, it can be a source of frustration for parents, as well. Though babies have no trouble expressing discomfort, they tend to have a hard time explaining its source. As a result, most moms and dads are left to suss out the condition via fussiness, crying, or an inability to sleep or settle. The cause of baby rash is typically excess moisture and chafing, which can be caused by overly tight or moist diapers.

Recommended Baby Rash Treatments

Given the myriad of causes of baby rash, the majority of babies will suffer from the condition more than once throughout their childhood. The good news, however, is that diaper or baby rash is easily treated by a host of baby rash ointments, such as Chafiderm. Exclusively made for and distributed by Smith Caldwell, Chafiderm is our own special formula designed to provide comfort and chafe relief for all ages.

As far as home treatments go, keeping your baby’s diaper fresh and dry is one of the primary goals when diaper rash first appears. In particularly bad cases, parents may consider having their baby wear a slightly larger diaper to reduce chafing. If feasible, your baby should also be given extra diaper-less time to allow for increased airflow to the affected areas.

Using Baby Rash Ointment

When it comes to drug-based remedies, there are a host of baby rash ointments available via prescription or as over the counter based solutions. Pediatricians can often prescribe creams that contain steroids which help ease discomfort and soothe your baby’s sensitive skin. These prescriptions are often interchangeable with generic medications that contain the same active ingredients, and are equally as effective in treating the painful condition. Generic drugs are a cost-effective and practical solution for those looking to reduce medical costs, but still receive quality treatment.

Steroid-based baby rash ointment can be supplemented, or in some cases, replaced by a host of readily available OTC ointments. Popular diaper rash creams provide immediate relief from uncomfortable symptoms, and help keep the diaper area of your infant clean, dry, and chafe-free. Most baby rash ointments include common agents such as zinc oxide, starch, and a lubricating agent. Petroleum jelly can also be layered with other products to help avoid irritation while your child’s skin heals.

For babies with particularly sensitive skin, Smith Caldwell offers its own exclusive brand of baby rash cream called Chafiderm, which is specifically designed to treat delicate, sensitive skin.

Utilizing Your Local Pharmacy

Whichever treatment you opt for, it is important to remember that you have resources at hand to help you throughout the decision-making process. Smith Caldwell pharmacy is staffed with knowledgeable professionals to help walk you through the options available to you and your newborn. Questions to ask your pharmacist can include everything from product recommendations to how and how often to apply your specific treatment of choice.

The benefits of shopping for items such as baby rash ointment at your Smith Caldwell do not stop with product advice. Your hometown pharmacist can also help walk you through common medical treatments, and will provide specialized knowledge in topics ranging from generic medications to first aid care.

We wear our local badge with pride, while offering convenient solutions in person, over the phone, and online. Be sure to check in regularly with our online blog for helpful hints and advice, such as how to properly store medications, or advice for administering medicine to young children. We aim to be your go-to community pharmacy, and look forward to assisting you in your pharmaceutical needs day or night. Call or stop by and let us help you find your best treatment today.