All of Your Pharmacy Compounding Questions Answered

Compounding pharmacies provide an alternative to traditional pharmacies for those who need customized medication. Find out more about what a compounding pharmacy does and the benefits they provide.

When you have trouble taking commercially available medications, you might benefit from going to a compounding pharmacy instead. Learn all about these pharmacies with the following pharmacy compounding questions.

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy refers to a pharmacy that offers customized medications. Licensed pharmacists are able to prepare medications that are better suited for those who are unable to take commercially available medications. Keep in mind that compounding pharmacists are not legally allowed to create a copy of a medication that is commercially available. Instead, these pharmacists are allowed to make customized medications that contain certain ingredients, exclude certain ingredients, have a different dosage amount, or have a different form.

What Does Compounding Drugs Mean?

Commercially available drugs are ones that you get from a traditional pharmacist. These drugs come directly from the manufacturer and are only available in certain dosages and forms. Compounding drugs are ones that a compounding pharmacist prepares for you. A compounding pharmacist can provide you with a customized dosage that is more effective for you or prepare your medication in a form that works better for you, such as a liquid form rather than a capsule form. Compounding drugs can also include different combinations of medications or have different formulations that leave certain ingredients out if you have a sensitivity or allergy. For example, compounding pharmacists can make a medication that does not have any dyes in it if you are sensitive to these.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy?

Taking commercially available medications might not provide you with the results you need, or you might be unable to take them due to an allergy or sensitivity. You might also have trouble taking medication in certain forms, such as a capsule that has to be swallowed whole. Compounding pharmacies can make medications that offer more effective results or medications that come in a form that is easier for you or your loved ones to take. For example, a compounding pharmacist can make a flavored medication or medication in the form of a lollipop that your child might be more willing to take. Keep in mind that compounding pharmacists can also make medications for pets to take, such as flavored pills or a gel that does not have to be ingested.

Are Compounding Pharmacies Safe?

State boards are responsible for regulating compounding pharmacies, while the Food and Drug Administration oversees the active ingredients that these pharmacies use. Compounding pharmacies provide safe forms of medication as long as you are receiving these customized drugs from a licensed and trained compounding pharmacist.

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