5 Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

For medication needs that cannot be met at a retail pharmacy, compounding pharmacies offer unique solutions. From different dosage forms to preparations without additives, a compounding pharmacy offers a variety of services tailored to your needs.

Some patients may find themselves in a situation where conventional, manufactured drugs do not work for them. For some, this may mean they cannot swallow available dosage forms, like large tablets or capsules. Others have an allergy to an inactive ingredient used to manufacture the medication. Whatever the case may be, a compounding pharmacy, like Smith-Caldwell Drugstore, can be the solution to those and other drug product problems. Here are the top 5 benefits of a compounding pharmacy.

1. Medication Made in the Dosage and Form You Need

Patients often ask if a particular medication can be split or crushed, since the patient is unable to swallow the manufactured tablet or capsule as is. However, not all medications can be tampered with in ways a patient may need in order to take them. Medications that are time-released or film coated cannot be split, and most capsules are not meant to be opened. 

Instead of forcing yourself to take a dosage form that does not work, you have other options when using a compounding pharmacy. There are many different dosage forms that a compounding pharmacy. Some of these different dosage formulations include:

  • Oral lozenges
  • Topical and oral sprays
  • Creams, lotions, and gels
  • Nasal sprays
  • Lip balms

Not all dosage forms are appropriate for some medications. Properties of the drug itself may limit patients’ options. However, pharmacists at your local Smith-Caldwell Drug Store are available to discuss the available options, and offer solutions when trade dosage forms do not work for you.

2. Alternatives to Allergens in Inactive Ingredients

While not overly common, some patients may have allergies to the inactive ingredients used to manufacture a particular drug. These inactive ingredients, such as fillers, dyes, or stabilizing agents, are a necessary part of the tablet product but do not have any pharmacological effects in the body. There are often alternatives that a compounding pharmacy can use to make the medication so a patient can take it. For some patients, this can be a life-saving service provided by a compounding pharmacy, such as Smith-Caldwell Drug Store.

3. Access to Hard to Find Medications

In recent years, some medications have become difficult to find due to drug shortages or lack of manufacturers. Drug shortages can not only be inconvenient, but dangerous for some patients. In 2018, the AMA released a statement concerning the potential harm to patients when drug manufacturers are unable to provide their products. Compounding pharmacies may be able to avert these potential dangers by compounding the needed medications. 

Other times, a patient may need to use a medication that is not available in a particular strength. This is especially true for young or elderly patients. These populations generally metabolize drugs differently, and the dosage they need may not always be available in stores. Depending on the drug, a local pharmacist may be able to prepare a different concentration of the medication that meets the patient’s needs.

4. Improvements to Patient Safety

Patient safety is the number one concern for any pharmacist or pharmacy. A patient’s safety is vastly improved when a pharmacy is able to serve all their needs. Using one pharmacy keeps its staff informed of all the medications a patient is taking. That way, a pharmacist can review drug interactions correctly, inform their doctor of potential drug therapy issues, work with them to improve their drug therapy health outcomes, and address any compounding needs that may arise. Smith-Caldwell Drug Store is not just a compounding pharmacy. We are a full-service pharmacy that strives to meet all of our patients’ needs.

5. Service for the Whole Family

Pharmaceutical compounding is not just for younger or older patients. It can provide a service for the whole family, including pets! Veterinary medicine has come a long way in recent years. It is not uncommon for pets to be on maintenance medications, like their human family members, for blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis. Pets can sometimes have the same issues with swallowing, allergies to fillers, and hard to find medications. A compounding pharmacy, like Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, is equipped to handle these needs.

Compounding services for the whole family can also include a combination of several drugs into one dosage formula. Many patients take multiple drugs during the day. However, in some instances, it is possible to combine the medication into one form for the patient to use. This can lead to an improvement in a patient’s adherence to prescriptions, and to their overall convenience. Improved patient adherence has been shown to lead to improved patient health outcomes. One dosage form for patients to take instead of multiple can make a significant difference for some members of the family. 

Compounding pharmacies help patients take medications they need in ways that work for them. Contact Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at 501-392-5470 for questions about compounding or other pharmacy questions.