4 Reasons You May Need Compound Medication

Commercially produced medications may not be the best option for everyone every time. Thankfully, compounding pharmacies can customize your prescription to better suit your needs. Our professional staff will discuss options with you, accommodating to allergies and alternative delivery options, and are bound by confidentiality. Find out more about what compound medication is, and the top 4 reasons why you may benefit from it.

What is compound medication?

A compound medication is essentially a version of your medicine that has been customized to your needs. When a commercial preparation is unavailable, a licensed pharmacist will alter the medication accordingly.

Why do you need compound medication?

There are a few reasons why you might benefit from accessing a compound pharmacy. You may need compound medication for one or more of the following reasons.

1. To customize the dosage

Many medications are mass produced by large pharmaceutical companies. These are often done in standardized sizes and dosages of the more commonly prescribed amounts. When your doctor prescribes a medication not available in a standard dosage, your compounding pharmacy can adjust the dosage to the appropriate amount.

For example, if you need 10mg of a certain drug that is only available commercially at 30mg, it can be adjusted at the pharmacy. This can actually save money since you will not have to pay for a larger dosage that you do not need. Furthermore, it is far safer for your licensed pharmacist to split up the dosage to the appropriate amount rather than attempting to do this at home on your own and risk taking too much.

2. To remove a nonessential ingredient to which you are allergic

Another reason you may benefit from going to a compounding pharmacy is that your pharmacist can remove certain ingredients to which you are allergic. Lactose, gluten, and dyes are examples of ingredients found in many medications. You may not even be aware of the complete ingredients found in your prescription, so ensuring your pharmacist knows of all your allergies can be helpful.

Your local pharmacy can reformulate the drug without your particular allergen, so you can still reap the benefits of taking your medication without unwanted allergic reactions.

3. To alternate the prescription form 

In some scenarios, you may need an alternate form of your prescription. Perhaps you get an upset stomach when taking pills, or have difficulty swallowing due to a swollen throat.

Whatever the cause behind the need for an alternative, one of the benefits of a compounding pharmacy is that they can change the form of the medicine entirely. Pills, drops, powders, liquids, troches, and ointments are examples of all the various forms medications can take.

4. To create more palatable medicine flavors

Your child or pet might be unwilling to take their medicine if it tastes bad. Thankfully, however, your local pharmacy may be able to add flavoring to make it taste better.

For many, this can make the difference of whether your child or pet will take the needed medication or not. When you are already feeling sick, you may also struggle with the taste of certain medications. When your local pharmacist adds in a flavor that makes it more palatable, this can make a huge difference in being able to swallow the medicine.


Compound medication can provide many benefits. At first, it may sound like the customization of medicines may increase the expense. However, one of the surprising benefits of a compounding pharmacy is that the medications can often cost less than commercial counterparts.

These pharmacies can also increase the availability of medications that prove difficult to find, consolidate multiple medications into one to make them easier to take, and create unique medications like homeopathic treatments. If you are unsure whether or not you need a compound medication, simply inquiring about what options are available is one of the best questions to ask your pharmacist.

Is it safe?

Compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated by state boards of pharmacy as well as overseen by the FDA. All licensed pharmacists go through training and education to safely and efficiently perform compounding. Pharmacies are also equipped with all the proper tools to safely execute the steps needed for compound medication.

For example, mortar and pestles are used for grinding, and cylinders for weighing liquids, and balances for weighing solids. These pharmacies are held to national standards and regulations and are therefore completely safe to patients.

 For more information

A compounding pharmacy can make your life and access to certain medications much easier. Our professional staff can answer all of your questions and are bound by confidentiality. We can also help you find the best alternative delivery method or accommodate allergies.  If you are seeking a local pharmacy offering compound medication options, contact Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at (501) 392-5470.