4 Reasons to Make the Switch to One Pharmacy…NOW

prescription monitoring, why you should use one pharmacy

Having prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy can end up causing a number of problems. Learn how using one pharmacy can benefit your overall health.

Whether you’re trying to save money by shopping around or just using whichever pharmacy is the most convenient for you at the time, having medications filled at different pharmacies is not ideal. Having your medications filled at one pharmacy provides important, long-term health benefits that you should take into consideration when you’re filling your prescriptions.

Your Pharmacist Can Only See the Prescriptions They Fill

One of the most important benefits of using one pharmacy is that your pharmacist will be able to see your full list of medications. Every pharmacist can only see the medications they are filling for you. If you take other medications that are filled with separate pharmacies, your pharmacist has no way of knowing about them.

There are no nation-wide prescription databases that show pharmacists all of the medications each customer takes. Even your doctors are only aware of the medications they (or another doctor in the same practice or hospital) have prescribed for you. The only way to be sure that they are aware of your full medication list is to tell them.

Without proper prescription monitoring, your risk of taking medications that have negative reactions to each other increases dramatically. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends using only one pharmacy to reduce the risk of medication errors. When you have all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy, your pharmacist can watch for potentially harmful drug interactions and recommend safer medication options.

Your Pharmacist Can Provide You with More Personalized Care

Going to one pharmacy for all of your prescription medications also allows your pharmacist to provide you with more personalized care. Your pharmacist will know all of the medications you are taking and be aware of the health issues you’re experiencing, which can make it easier for them to notice if your current medications do not seem to be working effectively. Becoming familiar with one pharmacy can also help you feel more at ease about asking questions about your medications or your health issues, which can prevent complications.

Using One Pharmacy Offers More Convenience

Having your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy also provides you with greater convenience. Instead of having to visit multiple locations to pick up prescriptions, you can save time by picking up all of your medication at one location. Smith-Caldwell even delivers your prescriptions straight to you so you don’t have to waste any time!

Your pharmacy might even be able to coordinate your refills, so that you only have to stop by once per month rather than coming in at separate times to pick up different prescriptions.

Your pharmacy might also offer to send you reminders when it is time to have your prescriptions refilled or picked up. This lowers your risk of forgetting to have one or more prescriptions filled, which can happen when you take multiple medications.

You Can Have Medications Combined

If you choose a compounding pharmacy to handle all of your prescription needs, you may be able to have certain medications combined into one. This consolidation can make it easier for you to take your medication on a regular basis and lowers the risk of forgetting to take one. Combining medications also lowers your risk of accidentally taking too much medication at once. Compounding pharmacies only combine medications when it is safe to do so and when it will not affect the potency of each medication.

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