10 Reasons You Should Choose SmithCaldwell to Help You Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

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Setting up your wedding registry gives you and your fiancé a chance to stock up on household items that you need or want. Find out how easily you can create your ideal wedding registry with the following tips and the help of SmithCaldwell.

Making your wedding gift registry is an exciting event, although it might seem stressful if you’re not sure how to get started. With our lovely associates Ann or Ashley personally helping you, you can ensure that this process is as simple as possible. When creating your wedding registry at SmithCaldwell, keep the following tips in mind to help things go as easy as possible.

1. Set It Up as Early as You Want

You don’t have to wait until a particular time during your engagement to create a registry. Setting one up shortly after you get engaged gives guests more time to choose the right gift or save up to get you a more expensive one.

2. Choose Items You’ll Use

Don’t feel obligated to add traditional items to your registry if you won’t end up using them once you are married. Choose items that you and your fiancé will need actually need and get your use out of.

3. Take Inventory

Before making your registry, go through your household items and note what you already have. This prevents you from ending up with double items or too many of one item.

4. User Friendly Website

Your wedding registry will be featured on our website for all of your friends and family to view. Your guests can also purchase, place an item on hold, or set up payment on our website as well.

5. Gift Delivery

SmithCaldwell will hand deliver your gifts for guests who are unable to attend your bridal shower. This allows your guests to participate in a different way, although they aren’t able to be there in person.

6. You Aren’t in a Rush

When you set up your wedding registry, give yourself plenty of time. Rushing through it means you’re more likely to be disappointed with what you select, or you might miss some items you want. Our patient associates are available to help whenever you may need it.

7. Be Mindful of Seasonal Items

When adding seasonal items, it is important to include all seasons. Although it may not seem relevant at the time, once the season comes around you will be glad you added specific items to your registry.

8. Add Items Later On

SmithCaldwell adds new items daily that you can add to your registry. As guests purchase more items from your registry it is important to add additional items later on. This ensures that guests who purchase gifts shortly before your wedding will have enough items to choose from and your registry will be as updated as possible.

9. Don’t Skimp on Plates

Plates are one item that newlyweds typically need plenty of for their home. From having family gatherings throughout the year to hosting holiday dinners, you’ll likely need to have at least 10 place settings for your home. When looking at plates, it is also important to consider possible breakage, as you want your plates to last long into your marriage.

10. Simple Store Policies for Registries

One of our bridal consultants will help familiarize you with our special order and return policies during the setup of your registry. We will also inform your guests about these policies when they are shopping for your gift.

If you’re ready to get started creating your wedding registry, baby registry, house warming registry, graduation registry, or a registry for any other occasion, please contact Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at (501) 392-5470 for a personalized experience. We are here to help! Our independent pharmacy offers wedding registry assistance to help you create the perfect registry for your marriage.