Why You Should Care About the Shop Local Movement

Why you should shop locally

Shopping local in Benton is a no-brainer when you know how it boosts the local economy and how it strengthens your community. 

While large chain stores may seem to provide advantages over buying local, there are many reasons why you should continue to shop at businesses owned by people within your community. In fact, there are many advantages of   Shopping local boosts the economy in Arkansas, it allows business owners to give back to the community, and it gives customers a better overall experience when shopping.

Buying Local Boosts the Economy

Shopping locally doesn’t merely benefit your immediate area. It also has a positive impact on the entire U.S. economy by ensuring that money circulates through local communities, rather than benefiting overseas companies. As a result, local communities with high rates of local shopping compared to big box shopping are thriving.

This improvement in the national economy benefits individual states like Arkansas by increasing marketing power to promote tourism. When there are quality local shops that are exclusive to our area, people are drawn to visit. This helps bring in more money to Arkansas, which can be used for making improvements to the Benton area, such as focusing on infrastructure and public programs.

Shopping Local Gives Back to the Benton Community

A lot of people view shopping local as something that only benefits local store owners. This could not be farther from the truth—in fact, shopping locally allows store owners to create jobs and employ people living in Benton and the surrounding area. This provides income for families within the community and strengthens relationships throughout Benton. Even more than this, shopping local lets business owners give back to the Benton area in ways like donations, support of local law enforcement, and involvement with organizations like your local branch of the Boys and Girls Club

Buying Local Helps Build Connections

When you shop at locally owned stores, you have a chance to foster connections with local business owners. Developing this relationship builds trust about how the products you purchase as a consumer are made and sold. When you feel like you are personally invested in a local company, you are more likely to go out of your way to support the business and, in turn, support the jobs and local involvement that the business fosters.

Shopping Local Improves Customer Service

Shopping at big box stores often means dealing with impersonal service when you have to call with a question or concern. You may end up talking with a customer service representative who is located overseas rather than reaching someone in your community. When you shop at locally owned stores, you can expect to receive better service because they desire customer loyalty. You can have questions or concerns addressed at the store or by calling and talking with a manager who is a member of your own community. Building these kinds of relationships means that your trips to the pharmacy, salon, boutique, or other local business are not a chore—they are a time to interact with people who you know and trust.

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