Why Now Is the Best Time to Get All of Your Vaccines

You can protect yourself and your family from contagious illnesses by staying up-to-date on your vaccines.

With flu season almost here, you can protect yourself and your family from contagious illnesses by staying up-to-date on your vaccines.

The colder months of the year are associated with higher rates of flu and other contagious illnesses that can lead to serious complications, such as pneumococcal disease and shingles. Getting your flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, and pneumococcal vaccine can greatly decrease your chances of contacting these illnesses. September is the ideal time of year to make sure that you have the most recent vaccines. A pharmacy with flu vaccines and other vaccinations in Benton, Arkansas can suggest vaccinations that will benefit you throughout winter and spring months.

Flu Vaccines

Flu season typically runs from late September through May, which is when you have the highest risk of catching this viral illness. While many people recover from the flu with rest and fluids, some end up in the hospital with serious and potentially life-threatening complications. Getting an annual vaccine reduces your risk of becoming sick from certain flu strains that scientists determine will be common that year. Since these change from year to year, it is important for you to get an updated flu shot before each flu season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that anyone who is at least 6-months old should get a flu shot. It is particularly important for those who are at a higher risk of complications from seasonal flu, such as people with weakened immune systems and seniors. Those with egg allergies should also ask for a hypoallergenic vaccine that is egg-free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. You might experience some soreness and a slight fever after getting a flu shot, but this is temporary. A pharmacy with flu vaccines in Benton, Arkansas can keep you informed about vaccinations you may need but are not be aware of, such as pneumonia and shingles vaccines for senior citizens.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumococcal disease can cause serious infections, including pneumonia and meningitis. Pneumococcal vaccines provide you with significant protection from these infections. The PCV13 vaccine, or pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, lowers your risk of catching 13 different types of pneumococcal bacteria, while the PPSV23 vaccine, or pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, offers protection from 23 different types of pneumococcal bacteria. The CDC recommends PCV13 for all adults who are 65-years old and up.

Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a virus that causes a painful rash that can lead to lingering pain in the affected areas. Other complications of this virus include pneumonia, encephalitis, and vision and hearing loss. Shingles affects roughly one out of three people over 60-years old, but getting a vaccine can reduce the risk of catching this illness. Most adult can get the one-time dose of the shingles vaccine safely, although those with weakened immune systems should talk to their doctor first.

Shingles vaccines can cause mild side effects, such as redness at the injection site and headaches. These are only temporary and usually go away within a few days. Keep in mind that you can still get shingles after being vaccinated, but your risk of long-term pain and other complications will be lower.

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