The Benefits of E-Prescribing for You, Your Doctor, and Your Pharmacist

benefits of electronic prescriptions

E-prescribing is the computer-based creation, transmission, and filling of your prescription. This practice cuts back on paper waste, limits mistakes, and streamlines the prescription filling process.

E-prescribing allows healthcare providers and pharmacists to access key information regarding patient prescriptions from one central, online location. The benefits of electronic prescriptions are far-reaching—you, your doctor, and your pharmacist will save time and money while avoiding potentially life-threatening medication errors.

How E-prescribing Benefits Your Doctor

When you need a prescription renewed, your pharmacist can simply send a renewal request to your healthcare provider who can approve, deny, or change the prescription. This electronic process saves your doctor the time traditionally spent on paper work so that they can then spend more time with you instead.

The use of e-prescribing has also reduced medication errors to as little as a seventh of their previous levels. Electronic communication eliminates the need to decipher messy handwriting or interpret verbal orders, which can lead to incorrect doses or even the wrong medication becoming administered.

A decrease in medication errors means a decrease in liability, which takes pressure off doctors prescribing sensitive or specialty medications. It also means an increase in the safety of your health, which should be your doctor’s first priority.

How E-prescribing Benefits Your Pharmacist

Your pharmacist also reaps the benefits of electronic prescriptions. E-prescriptions are easy to organize, which makes identifying adverse drug interactions, allergic reactions, and contraindications quick and easy. The ability to verify renewals with the click of a button increases efficiency and allows your pharmacy to provide faster and more convenient customer service.

The accuracy of electronic prescriptions allows your pharmacist to fill your prescriptions more quickly while still protecting your health. Smith-Caldwell is dedicated to efficiency, accuracy, and above all, your health and safety, so we proudly provide e-prescribing services for our customers and participating health care providers.

How E-prescribing Benefits You

All of the benefits of electronic prescriptions trickle down from your doctor and pharmacist to you. Medical savings that they make from an increase in efficiency are passed to you through less expensive medical care.

The increase in accuracy that e-prescribing provides protects your health and well-being by ensuring correct prescriptions and dosages are given to you. And, on top of the health and cost benefits, instantaneous transmission means that e-prescriptions can dramatically shorten your trips to your local pharmacy.

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