How to Prevent Dry and Cracked Skin This Winter

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Winter weather can make your skin dry and cracked without the proper care it needs. Find out how to prevent this from happening with these five tips.

As the temperature gets colder and the heat comes on indoors, dry air can take a toll on your skin. Among the questions to ask a pharmacist this season, consider learning more about how to protect your skin.

Why Skin Gets Dry in Winter 

Winter brings lower levels of humidity inside and outside, which can result in dry skin. Having your furnace running throughout the season contributes to this dryness by reducing humidity levels even more. When you are outdoors, exposed skin can become dry from the lower humidity levels. As your skin dries out, it is more prone to cracking, which can be painful and make it hard for you to do daily tasks. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop your skin from becoming dry.

  1. Maintain Moisture
    Using moisturizer during the winter months is one of the most effective ways to prevent dry skin. When you moisturize your skin, you are helping it stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep in mind that moisturizing products that are thicker or heavier tend to be more effective at locking in moisture. You can also help seal it in by applying moisturizer right after you take a bath or shower before your skin has a chance to fully dry.
  2. Set Up a Humidifier
    You can help raise the humidity level in your home while the furnace is running by using a humidifier throughout the season. Setting one of these to about 60 percent should make the air inside your home humid enough for healthy winter skin. Just make sure you0 check your humidifier for mold and mildew and clean it regularly.
  3. Take Shorter Baths and Showers
    Limit baths and showers to about five or ten minutes per day. Staying in the water longer can actually dry out your skin by removing its protective layer of oil. You should also avoid taking really hot baths or showers, even though it is cold outside. Lukewarm baths and showers are better for your skin and help it stay hydrated, especially if you apply moisturizer right afterwards.
  4. Use Gentle Products
    When you take a bath or shower, choose soaps and cleaning items that are gentle on your skin. Avoid using scrub brushes or other bath products that are harsh on skin, and opt for a softer sponge or cloth instead. Pat your skin dry when you are done, so you will not damage the outer layer with rubbing.
  5. Choose Breathable Clothing
    Avoid wool and other materials that are heavy on your skin and do not allow it to breathe. Instead, choose cotton and other natural products that are highly breathable. You will feel more comfortable, and your skin will stay in better condition throughout winter. When you wash clothing items, choose detergents that are gentle on your skin.

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