Our Perfect Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day gift ideas + Benton, AR

Mother’s Day should be a time of celebration, so don’t let choosing a gift be stressful! Here, we break down a few different types of moms and what gifts they will love. 

For the woman who gave you life, picking out a special gift can sometimes feel daunting. But the boutique at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store is here to help. What kind of mom do you think you have? With our guide, you can quickly find Mother’s Day gift ideas that fit her personality and style!

The Home Décor Lover

Does your mom love decorating her home? If so, take a peek at our products like home fragrance, candles, dish sets, vases, and so many more. The best decorative options match form with function, adding both beauty and convenience.

Some of our favorites include scented candles (there is something so soothing about a flickering flame), vases (include fresh flowers!), and trays to organize her knick-knacks.

The best home decor goes beyond brightening up a room, making that room more livable as well. By giving your mother such a gift, you will make her home a place of comfort and beauty.

The Accessories Queen 

As with home decor, bags should be both beautiful and functional. The following gifts achieve both ends:

  • Travel Bags- If your mother likes to travel, buy her a stunning new carry-on bag. Fill it with travel supplies so she does not have to pack before her next trip.
  • Gardening Baskets- Mothers who enjoy gardening are sure to love a gift that makes their hobby easier. The best gardening baskets have a canvas around the outside from which to hang tools, as well as ample space on the inside for seeds and soil.
  • Beach Bags- Look for a bag with ample external and internal pockets, made from a material that is resistant to sand and water damage. Fill it up with sun block, towels, and other shore accessories and you have a great gift for your beach-going mother.

The Kitchen Maven 

If your mother likes to cook, consider giving her decorated rolling pins, measuring cups, and other kitchen implements. With these, she can make the same great meals while adding color and distinction to the kitchen.

You can also consider products like tea infusers, tablecloths, decorative mixing bowls, and beautiful aprons to see what your mom might like.

The Tailgating Momma 

Tailgating gifts are not just for the dads out there! What we love about our Razorback themed products is that they are designed to make game-day fun for all. Razorback tumblers, coolers, chip and dip bowls, ice buckets, and décor will get your mom excited to cheer on those hogs and trick out her next tailgate.

The Ultra-Prepared Mom

You know those moms who always seem to have Advil, lip balm, and band-aids on hand at the drop of a hat? If your mom is not naturally that prepared, make her a budget-friendly kit!

We love the idea of picking out a pretty cosmetics bag and then gathering drugstore items to create a personalized “emergency” kit for her to keep in her car or in her desk. You can include products like pain relievers, hand sanitizer, blister band-aids, bobby pins, a nail file, and clear nail polish so that she is prepared for (almost) anything.

Still not sure what to get your mom? Located in Benton, AR, Smith-Caldwell Drug Store offers a boutique filled with Mother’s Day gift ideas. Come visit us and let our personal shoppers Ann and Ashley do the work for you! We are happy to gift wrap free of charge, and we also deliver gift items of $10 or over. For more information on finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, visit our website today or give us a call at (501) 392-5470.