The Best Guide to Managing Your Diabetes Over the Holidays

managing diabetes during winter

Sweet treats and cold temperatures require people with diabetes to pay close attention to their blood sugar levels during the holidays.

As snow begins to fall and savory holidays meals make their way to the table, you will need to devote a little extra care to keeping your blood sugar levels in place. Managing diabetes during winter months comes with some seasonal challenges, but they should not keep you from creating lasting memories with your loved ones. The following tips will help you spread holiday cheer without taking a toll on your health.

Check Blood Sugar Levels More Often

Meals that contain a lot of carbs, such as freshly baked Christmas cookies, can tempt you to stray from your regular diet and elevate your blood sugar levels. Always carry your testing supplies with you to gatherings and check your blood sugar levels frequently, especially after eating a heavy meal or indulging in a tasty treat.

Limit Portion Sizes of Your Favorite Foods

If your favorite homemade dessert or signature side dish is loaded with carbs, you do not have to skip this delicious tradition entirely. However, you should limit yourself to a smaller portion of indulgent holiday foods. This can take the edge off your cravings without putting your blood sugar levels at risk. You can also satisfy your hunger by starting your meal off with vegetables. These healthy foods can fill you up more quickly, so you will be less likely to want large portions of unhealthy foods.

Go for a Walk After Meals

If your blood sugar levels are higher than usual after a holiday meal, you can help bring them down by being physically active. Plan on going for a stroll with loved ones after finishing dinner or dessert for a fun bonding experience that may end in an unforgettable snowball fight. Even on days when you do not eat too much or have unhealthy treats, it is still essential to engage in some physical activity to manage your condition.

Protect Diabetic Supplies

Your blood glucose monitor and insulin supplies are vulnerable to damage from extreme cold. When temperatures drop, keep these supplies indoors rather than leaving them in a parked car while you are visiting loved ones or singing carols around the neighborhood.

Lower Your Risk of Getting Sick

The holiday season coincides with cold and flu season, and having one of these viral illnesses can make it harder for you to manage diabetes during the winter. You can lower your risk of getting sick by washing your hands with hot water and soap and avoiding being around those who are sick. Getting the flu vaccine can also reduce your risk of becoming ill. If you do end up with a cold or flu, make sure to rest as much as possible and eat healthy foods that will not raise your blood sugar levels.

Protect Your Feet

When you have diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing problems with your feet, including infections and nerve damage. Make sure your feet stay warm and dry over the holidays to lower your risk of cracked skin and other injuries. You can visit your local pharmacy for a wide variety of creams and topical ointments that make it easy to care for your skin. Check your feet on a regular basis and see your doctor if you have any wounds that do not get better.

If are managing your diabetes during the winter and need diabetic testing supplies in Benton, Arkansas, contact the pharmacists at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at 501-392-5470. Our experienced and professional staff can help you stay healthy for many holidays to come.