Our Tips for Enrolling Your Loved One in a Medicare Part D Plan

enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan

Medicare Part D coverage helps lower the cost of prescriptions for senior citizens who are eligible. Enrolling is the first step toward more affordable medication for your loved one.

Medicare helps make health care affordable for seniors, but it does not automatically include prescription drug coverage. Fortunately, those who are eligible for Medicare can also sign up for Medicare Part D, which provides coverage for prescription medications. Use the following tips on enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan to ensure your loved one can receive affordable medications at a community pharmacy in Benton, Arkansas.

Avoid a Late Enrollment Penalty

Seniors are usually enrolled in Medicare after they turn 65. When this happens, you can sign your loved one up for Medicare Part D coverage, which is optional. Those who decide not to enroll in a Part D plan during their Initial Enrollment Period, which is three months before and three months after turning 65, might end up having to pay a late enrollment penalty.

In general, this penalty for enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan after the deadline results in increased premiums for prescription medications. The penalty usually applies to those who have not had drug coverage for at least 63 days before being enrolled in Medicare. Your loved one can avoid this penalty by signing up for a Part D plan immediately after becoming eligible.

Compare Medicare Part D Plans

There are several Medicare Part D plans available, but the amount of coverage offered depends on factors such as types of prescriptions your loved one needs and how often they are filled. Find the most suitable plan by using the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder. This online tool makes it easy to compare Part D plans in your area. You can avoid scams by making sure any plans you consider come from private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

Watch Out for Scams

Seniors can become victims of identity theft when scammers pretend to be approved insurance companies that offer Medicare Part D plans. Make sure your loved one only provides financial details or sensitive information, such as a Medicare ID number, to an insurance company found through Medicare’s Drug Plan Finder. Approved companies are not allowed to call and ask seniors to enroll in Part D plans. If you suspect that your loved one has attempted to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan that is actually part of a fraudulent scam, contact an AARP ElderWatch specialist.

Enroll at a Pharmacy

You can enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan through the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder or by calling 1-800-633-4227 to reach Medicare directly. However, it can be helpful to have someone knowledgeable to help guide you through the process. The staff at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store offers Medicare Part D pharmacy enrollment for seniors living in Benton, Arkansas, and the surrounding area.

Our staff can help your loved one review their prescriptions, choose the best plan, and provide the required medical information. Those who enroll in Part D will be expected to provide their primary address, payment preferences for premiums, and information on current or past prescription drug coverage. Your loved one should find out if their enrollment was accepted within 10 days.

If your loved one is interested in enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan in Benton, Arkansas, contact the pharmacists at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store at 501-392-5470. Our helpful and professional staff is proud to serve the senior citizens of Saline County.