If You’re Ready, hCG Injections Could Change Your Life This Year

HCG injections combined with a low-calorie diet might help you lose excess weight over a shorter period of time than traditional weight-loss methods.

When you need to lose weight and have been unsuccessful with traditional diets, the hCG diet is an alternative to look into. The process involves receiving prescription hCG injections and limiting the number of calories you eat. The injections contain human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is a hormone naturally produced during pregnancy that has been shown to aid in weight loss when combined with limiting caloric intake. Knowing how hCG injections affect weight loss can help determine if they are an option for you.

Role of hCG

Normally, hCG helps women produce a steady supply of progesterone in early pregnancy, which helps the body store nutrients and promotes healthy metabolism. HCG helps prevent malnutrition by ensuring nutrients enter the bloodstream to provide energy. When you receive hCG injections, which are usually given in the upper arm, thigh, or buttock, they do not lead to weight loss on their own. However, combining them with a calorie restricted diet may lead to weight loss of up to one pound per day.

Less Hunger

HCG injections cause you to feel full for longer periods of time, despite eating fewer calories. Even though the diet involves limiting calories to roughly 500 per day for up to six weeks, which is considerably lower than the standard 1,500 or 2,000-calorie amounts, you can expect to feel satiated throughout the day. This occurs as hCG causes your body to use fat and other types of nutrients for energy on a regular basis.

Effects on Muscle Mass

When you follow a low-calorie diet, your body would normally end up using muscle mass for energy or fuel. This leads to rapid loss of muscle mass, which is important to maintain your overall health and regulate your metabolism. Losing muscle mass slows your metabolism significantly, causing you to put on weight more quickly after resuming a regular diet. It also takes your body longer to regain the muscle mass you lose. HCG injections protect you from losing muscle mass, since your body uses fat stores and other stored nutrients for energy.

Fewer Side Effects

Limiting your diet to 500 calories a day would normally have unpleasant side effects. These include feeling irritable, headaches, and feeling weak. When you combine this low-calorie diet with hCG injections, your body has enough fuel to prevent these side effects. Therefore, it is easier to adhere to your low-calorie diet as you reach your weight loss goals.

Good Candidates for hCG Injections

HCG injections with a low-calorie diet are suitable if you have not had success with traditional diets and need to lose excess weight. Keep in mind that this type of diet is designed to speed up weight loss on a short-term basis. You will need to continue eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise regularly to prevent weight gain. The hCG diet is not suitable for those with certain medical conditions that involve nitrate treatment, such as diabetes, heart problems, cancer, or stroke. If you have underlying medical conditions, talk to your doctor about whether or not you are a candidate for hCG injections.

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