Everything You Need for Football Season, at Smith-Caldwell!

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Find all of the various items you may need in order to have a successful tailgate by following these tips.

The start of football season means it’s time to make sure you have everything ready for tailgating. And you can find what you need right at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store!

At Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, we are proud to cheer for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and we make it easy for you to show your support too. The difference between an independent pharmacy like us and a chain pharmacy is that we know your community and have the same passions as you! We carry a wide selection of Razorback products, as well as items that you will need for your next tailgate party.

Razorback Logo Products 

If you are looking for the familiar red and white logo of the Razorbacks, you will find plenty of items available in our store. Browse through our aisles and you will see plates, cups, food containers and other great football items featuring the Razorback logo. We even have Razorback tailgating sets for toddlers, which include a plastic plate, bowl, spoon, fork and cup, along with baby bottles that have the Razorback logo.

Grilling Items

No tailgate party would be complete without the right foods, which usually means pulling out the grill for some hot dogs and burgers. If you need to stock up on grilling items for tailgating, we have grill ware, skewers, and more. You can also find seasonings and other grilling ingredients to spice up your tailgating menu.

Insulated Tumblers

If you are worried about your drink getting too warm or too cold, you can find the ideal solution at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store. We carry insulated tumblers by Swig in various sizes and colors (our favorites for game day are red and pearl) that are designed for keeping drinks cold or hot. We even have ones shaped like a stemless wine glass for keeping your wine cool while you tailgate!

Razorback Outfits for Kids and Adults

Tailgating is the perfect time to don a Razorback outfit in support of our football team. At Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, you can find shirts and other clothing items with the Razorback logo for kids and adults. Browse our store for an outfit to wear at your next tailgate party, or choose an adorable Razorback outfit for your little ones to wear.

Keep in mind that we are an independent pharmacy. What is the difference between a chain pharmacy and an independent pharmacy? We provide you with individualized service that you can count on for all of your medicinal needs. If you need prescriptions filled while you are shopping for football items, we will be happy to help.

If you wish to include some football items on your gift registry, keep in mind that you can set one up at our independent pharmacy in Benton, AR by stopping by today! Or, give us a call at (501)-392-5470.