What to Do if Your Child Breaks Out in Hives

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When your child has hives, it’s important to make sure you find out what might be causing them. Find out more about what causes hives to occur and what kinds of treatments are available for you. 

Children can develop hives seemingly out of nowhere. These red bumps on their skin can range in size and last for minutes or even hours. While hives that suddenly appear on your child can be alarming, knowing what to do can help you stay calm and ensure that you receive the right treatment from your local pharmacy.
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3 Common Myths about Drug Disposal

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When you have medications that aren’t good anymore, knowing how to dispose of them safely is important. Find out what you should and shouldn’t do with these drugs. 

Going through your prescription and nonprescription medications on a regular basis helps ensure that you don’t take anything that’s expired. What should you do with any expired medications that you do come across? Make sure you’re not falling for any of the following drug disposal myths when you clean out your medicine cabinet.
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10 Interesting Facts About National American Heart Month

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National American Heart Month is a great time to raise awareness about heart disease and other heart-related issues to ensure that your heart stays healthy for years to come. 

February is National American Heart Month. With so many Americans affected by heart disease, it’s important to make sure you know how to lower your risk. Keep the following heart-related facts in mind this month so you can learn healthy habits for the future.
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