9 Items Your Family Needs for the Beach and the Pool This Summer

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It’s that time of year where you and your family will be heading to the beach or pool for some summer fun! Before you go, make sure you are prepared by having the right items.

Summertime gives you plenty of chances to enjoy the outdoors and get some sunshine, but it also comes with some risks. When you are preparing for a trip to the beach, lake or pool, do not leave without the following items, some of which you can find on our gift registry.

1. Sunscreen

The prevention and treatment of sunburns is crucial during summer since you are more likely to be out in the sun. Apply sunscreen that is at least 40 SPF or higher, so you will have more protection from UV rays. Applying aloe vera can help soothe a sunburn if you get one.

2. Lip balm with SPF

Do not forget that your lips can also get a sunburn. Apply lip balm with SPF to keep your lips protected from damage from the sun and wind.

3. Beach tote

Having a beach tote gives you a convenient way to keep all of your supplies handy. Choose a colorful tote for the season, and make sure it is large enough to carry everything you need.

4. Cooler

Making sure you have enough to drink when out in the sun is important to avoid dehydration. Having cold drinks can also help you avoid being overheated. Pack a cooler with ice or ice packs, bottled water and other beverages.

5. Water bottles

Having water bottles with you when you walk along the beach or lie out in the sun near the pool provides you with an easy way to stay cool and hydrated. Refill your bottle as needed while you are playing or lounging in the sand or poolside.

6. Wet wipes

Wet wipes offer a convenient way to clean yourself after eating snacks, so your hands and face are not covered in crumbs. This helps keep bees, flies and other curious bugs at bay.

7. Detangling spray

Your hair can get pretty tangled whether you are swimming in a pool, fresh water or the ocean. Bring along some detangling spray to make it easier to comb out your hair when you are done swimming.

8. Snacks

Swimming is a great form of physical activity that can help you work up an appetite. Pack some snacks for the beach or pool in your tote, so you will have something to eat and refuel your energy before swimming again.

9. Sunglasses

The sun’s rays can be harsh on your eyes and increase your risk of developing eye problems, such as cataracts. Wear sunglasses when out in the sun, so you can protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Look for sunglasses with labels that state that they provide UV protection.

If you need to stock up beach and pool supplies, stop by our independent pharmacy in Benton, AR or call us at 501-392-5470. Keep in mind that you can also set up a gift registry with Smith-Caldwell Drugstore for summer bridal or baby showers!